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The 2019 Tinhorn Creek Canadian Concert Series Finale Featuring Bedouin Soundclash

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The 2019 Tinhorn Creek Canadian Concert Series Finale Featuring Bedouin Soundclash
The 2019 Tinhorn Creek Canadian Concert Series Featuring Bedouin Soundclash.
The 2019 Tinhorn Creek Canadian Concert Series Featuring Bedouin Soundclash.

Tinhorn Creek’s outdoor amphitheatre sits atop the winery’s hillside overlooking the renowned Golden Mile, and is a one-of-a-kind venue for dancing the night away under the stars. Their annual concert series is an opportunity to see some of Canada’s top musical talent while enjoying Tinhorn's award-winning wines and taking in the spectacular views of the South Okanagan Valley.

Bedouin Soundclash, September 14

For the Grand Finale concert in September, Canadian reggae-rock duo Bedouin Soundclash take the stage after returning from a nine-year hiatus earlier this year with their new single "Clockwork". The song marks a drastic departure in sound for the band with their pop sensibilities coming to the fore. The track features the Preservation Hall Jazz Band on brass and is suffused with the celebratory spirit of New Orleans jazz music.


What You Missed

The Matineé, May 25th

Matineé are a powerhouse roots rock band from BC.

Every great story is like a long winding road, no matter where it leads, it has to start somewhere. It’s been a decade since singer Matt Layzell and guitarist Matt Rose spent a few hazy days writing songs in a rustic cabin on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast. Since then, The Matinée has evolved from its humble origins, navigating their own route, to become a powerhouse roots rock band with a following spread across North America. Having spent years logging miles in the tour van and dropping sweat on stages near and far, the four-piece — which also includes drummer Peter Lemon and guitarist Geoff Petrie — is making its statement with their sophomore album Dancing on Your Grave.

The Matinée’s latest full-length represents the triumphant culmination of its achievements to date. A heart-swelling collision of hook-infused rock and earthy roots influences, the album was produced by Jamie Candiloro (R.E.M., Ryan Adams) and recorded at Light Organ’s own 604 Studios.

Among the spontaneously composed tunes is the lead single and title track “Dancing on Your Grave.” With its cloud-scraping guitar grooves and rich harmonies, it’s a big-hearted tribute to Layzell’s late grandfather that turns the tragedy of death into a euphoric celebration of a life well lived.


Coco Jafro, June 22nd

Coco Jafro are one of the most requested live roots music bands in Vancouver.

Coco Jafro are a Vancouver-based septet. The diverse band’s members hail from across the globe, from Morocco, France, Mozambique, Quebec and even Prince Rupert. Their eclectic, positive sound has helped to develop a strong following and they are one of the most requested live roots music bands in Vancouver.

With guitars, keyboards, saxophone and percussion, Coco Jafro’s live shows encourage "the freedom to dance and the freedom to think." In their sound one can hear echoes of Latin rock (think Santana), reggae, Afrobeat rhythms and Cuban salsa.


Kasador, July 27th

Kasador are a full-fledged electric endeavour from Kingston who released their debut EP Last Summer last year.

Kasador (Will Hunter, Cam Wyatt, Boris Baker, Nick Babcock, Angus Fay) are a five-piece indie rock band from Kingston Ontario. Born out of a university town, Kasador brings the energy of a party to the stage and into the audience. This energetic stage show has captured the attention of fans and promoters alike, and has placed Kasador on bills with such Canadian greats as Walk Off The Earth, Lights, Arkells, July Talk, Wintersleep, U.S.S, and Current Swell.

On September 13th 2016, Kasador released their highly anticipated debut EP, Last Summer. Recorded at The Bathouse located just outside of Kingston with engineer and co-producer Nyles Spencer (Half Moon Run, The Tragically Hip, Arkells, The Trews), mixed by Juno award winning engineer Dan Brodbeck, and mastered by Noah Mitz (Arkells, The Constantines, Broken Social Scene), the EP has had a strong reception, with radio play from The Edge (Toronto), and CBC Radio 1 particularly with their songs "Neighbourhood" and "Talk About It".


The Julian Taylor Band, August 24

Described simply as “baby-making music”, Julian Taylor Band's new sound takes form as soul-driven pop-rock; inspired by the likes of The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, and Bill Withers.

Not a revivalist, but a musical revisionist, Julian Taylor masterfully re-combines and updates the vintage sounds that inspired him, to create bold, innovative songs. Taylor, of both West Indian and Native Canadian decent, is a charismatic frontman, prolific songwriter, and endearing individual – the kind who immediately connects and makes you feel at ease. That character of warmth and generosity permeates everything Taylor does.

A calm, somewhat self-effacing person offstage, Taylor morphs into an intense, incendiary and almost shamanistic presence onstage. Toronto poet Robert Priest describes him as “the kind of artist forever in the zone, the voice limitless, the songs full of feeling and memorable hooks.”


September 14, Check times

Tinhorn Creek

Tinhorn Creek Vineyards was founded by Kenn and Sandra Oldfield and Bob and Barb Shaunessy in 1993 with a focus on growing the best grapes, making great wine, and having fun. What started with a couple of barrels in the basement of a house and a few acres of vines has grown into a thriving winery; attracting a group of talented people committed to making outstanding wines in the south Okanagan. It's now owned by Andrew Peller Ltd.

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