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Locals Ancient Engines Return to Doc Willoughby’s

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Locals Ancient Engines Return to Doc Willoughby’s
Locals Ancient Engines Return to Doc Willoughby's.
Locals Ancient Engines Return to Doc Willoughby's.

Kelowna’s Ancient Engines returns to Doc Willoughby’s after releasing two new music videos. One video for the song “Spitting Ghost” features Jamie Fairbanks, Torrey Woody, Gary Saturday and Matt Sandy Jr. playing against a white backdrop and videos projected over their heads, across their faces and their instruments.

All from different parts of the country, the bandmates ended up in Kelowna where they are now regulars on local line-ups. “Spitting Ghost is a statement on where you were mentally when you are growing up and then looking on where you wound up. Nothing turns out exactly the way you wanted it,” said Fairbanks.

The drummer said the band’s secret to success is that they have kept their inner child alive. “We still always want to be a kid at heart, as an artist if you are not a kid at heart you have already failed,” he said. “The happy outgoing demeanour of a child is what creates good music.”

The simplicity of the music video is where the meaning lies, the imagery projected over the band directly correlates with the lyrics and challenges the viewer to analyze the message they are trying to convey. The video, filmed by their favourite director in town, Chelsea McEvoy who they will be releasing a second music video with the STORYHIVE Music Video Edition grant this year.

In the other music video for “Two Hands Less”, McEvoy not only produced a music video for Ancient Engines but introduced the world to Kelowna’s tight-knit and thriving music community. The video shows the band for what they are, working musicians who have full-time jobs while pursuing their dreams in their spare time.

“We wanted to document the community and the camaraderie that comes from all of us and supports us in that struggle,” said Fairbank. “We all have careers and understand what it’s like to have a burning passion for something but to not be able to support our lifestyles with that burning passion and there is a certain amount of sorrow that comes with that. We wanted to document what it’s like for a lot of the musicians dealing with the exact same thing.”

Catch them at Doc’s later in the month.

July 27, 10pm

Doc Willoughby's Public House

Doc Willougby's is the perfect spot for an afternoon caesar on the patio, wings, a five-buck meal, or late night drinks and live entertainment.

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