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ArkenFire, Apollyon, and Death Machine Live at Muninn’s Post

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ArkenFire, Apollyon, and Death Machine Live at Muninn’s Post
ArkenFire, Apollyon, and Death Machine Live at Muninn's Post.
ArkenFire, Apollyon, and Death Machine Live at Muninn's Post.

Based out of Kelowna, ArkenFire’s music fuses traditional power metal along with elements from other sub-genres which really helps to create a unique experience. Each band member brings a wide range of influences to the table, and it shows in their music.

ArkenFire has been gigging steadily since late 2015 and has four festivals under their belts: Armstrong Metal Fest 2016 and 2017 as well as Hell Raiser Fest (Kelowna), and Hyperspace Metal Fest (Vancouver). Last year they released their debut EP Celestial Beasts and spent the summer playing shows and promoting the album. The band is currently working on new material and planning their next release.

Formed in November of 2014 as a straight-forward death metal act, Apollyon have shifted to a more dynamic, black metal influenced sound since the release of their debut EP, Immolation, in March of 2017.

In November 2017, Apollyon began recording their debut album, False Light, at Vancouver’s Rain City Recorders with producer Matt Roach (Wormwitch, Expain, The Hallowed Catharsis). False Light blends the atmosphere and melodic sensibilities of Wolves in the Throne Room-esque black metal with carefully planned dynamic shifts and unbridled modern death metal aggression.

Apollyon’s live shows can only be described as savage. Frontman Matt Depper’s stage presence is as menacing as it is energetic, he can often be found in the pit ensuring a memorable experience for anyone in attendance. Guitarists Braden Farr and Jesse Hett create a foreboding atmosphere with their bleak riffing, while drummer Nic Depper and bassist Milan Bertucci form an air-tight rhythm section of pummelling basslines and blistering drums. Apollyon’s prowess as a live band won them the Vancouver edition of the Wacken Metal Battle 2018.

January 12, 7pm

Muninn's Post

A social fusion of new-aged and old-fashioned, influenced by Norse culture and mythology with viking-esque decor. This outpost offers a varied selection of beer and snacks, late night hours, a selection of boardgames, and live music.

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