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Battle of the Breweries Hosted by The Train Station Pub

The Train Station Pub |
Battle of the Breweries Hosted by The Train Station Pub
Battle of the Breweries Hosted by The Train Station Pub.
Battle of the Breweries Hosted by The Train Station Pub.

Powell Brewing, the quaint, no-nonsense, independent microbrewery, owned and operated by a husband and wife team from Vancouver, goes up against the contender, Steel and Oak Brewing from New Westminster. Powell opened December 2012 on a nano scale with a focus on creating high quality, handcrafted beers for locals to enjoy. The brewery quickly gained a name for itself within the community and by May of 2013, they were humbled when they received the prestigious award, “Beer of the Year”, from the Canadian Brewing Awards for their Old Jalopy Pale Ale.

After the award win, the brewery gained national attention and the small-batch beers they were brewing could not nearly meet the demand, and all beers sold out fast. Needless to say, their original goal of staying small and growing slowly quickly changed. In November of 2013, they took possession of a larger space and over the next year, spent day and night building it into what was to become their new microbrewery. By the end of September 2014, the doors to the Tasting Room were open.

On this night you’ll be tasting their Old Jalopy Pale, Lazy D’Haze IPA, Brut Dry-Hopped Sour, and Terry Chocolate Orange Dark Mild, a Steel and Oak collab.

New Westminster is a city with a long history by west coast standards, and brewing was a big part of that until 2005 when the local Labatt plant closed after decades of continuous operation. When the tantalizing smell of brewing returned to the Royal City with the opening of Steel and Oak, New West’s tightly knit community embraced this new brewing enterprise wholeheartedly.

The brewery’s cozy, welcoming tasting room will quickly become your favourite place to hang out if you let it. The beer list is characterized by a mix of cutting-edge craft creations and classic German styles, all presented with contemporary panache.

Train Station will be serving their Simple Things Pilsner, Chocolate Oyster Stout, Kaffee – Coffee Blonde, and DIPA (Superflux Collab).

Stop by the bar and vote for a winner in this continuation of their Battle of the Breweries, which all leads up to the Great Okanagan Beer Festival on May 9th.

March 21, 11am - 12am

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