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BreakOut West Performers and Schedule for the Fall Music Festival

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BreakOut West Performers and Schedule for the Fall Music Festival
Leisure Club are one of the performers coming to Kelowna for the BreakOut West music festival.
Leisure Club are one of the performers coming to Kelowna for the BreakOut West music festival.

BreakOut West is where the music industry gathers to celebrate, develop and support the best of western Canadian music. The four day, three night multi-genre music festival is hosted by the Western Canadian Music Alliance – an organization created by the Music Industry Associations (MIA’s) of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, The Northwest Territories and the Yukon Territory – and held in a different western Canadian region each year on a rotational basis. This year in the fall it comes to Kelowna.

BreakOut West announced today the first wave of artists that will be showcasing at the 16th annual music festival. The best emerging acts out of western Canada will be showcased alongside iconic alumni acts, including The Grapes of Wrath, who will be honoured with the Hall of Fame award this year. The award will be officially presented to the band during their showcase performance on October 13.

Wristbands for BreakOut West are available HERE and festival-goers can redeem their online purchase of wristbands, prior to the festival, at Milkcrate Records, and Tourism Kelowna.

BreakOut West Festival Performers

3 Ninjasks (SK)
Andrew Judah (BC)
Ben Klick (BC)
Blessed (BC)
Busby Marou (AU)
Calla Kinglit (YT)
Campfire Social (WL)
Celeigh Cardinal (AB)
Digawolf (NT)
Ellen Doty (AB)
Ellen Froese (SK)
The Grapes of Wrath (BC/QC)
Gunner & Smith (SK)
The Heels (BC)
Hello Moth (AB)
High Love (BC)
Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds (MB)
Kidsmoke (WL)

Leisure Club (BC)

Like A Motorcycle (NS)
Luca Fogale (BC)
Megan Nash (SK)

Micah Erenberg (MB)

The Middle Coast (MB)
Motherhood (NB)
Nuela Charles (AB)
Pimpton (SK)
Quantum Tangle (NT)


Riit (NU)
Rob Dickson (YK)
Sarah Jane Scouten (BC)
Sc Mira (MB)

Snotty Nose Rez Kids (BC)

T-Rhyme (SK)
Tom West (AU)
Too Soon Monsoon (SK)
Whale and the Wolf (AB)

The Velveteins (AB)

Yes We Mystic (MB)


Saturday, October 13


The Heels 8:30pm
Celeigh Cardinal 9:15pm
Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds 10pm
Nuela Charles 10:45pm
The Grapes Of Wrath 11:30pm

Fernando’s Pub:

Raleigh 9:30pm
Sc Mira 10:15pm
The Velveteins 11pm
The Middle Coast 11:45pm
Whale and the Wolf 12:30am

Milkcrate Records:

Megan Nash 8pm
Micah Erenberg 8:45pm
Yes We Mystic 9:30pm
Andrew Judah 10:15pm

Muninn’s Post:

T-Rhyme 8:30pm
FOONYAP 9:15pm
Too Soon Monsoon 10pm
High Love 10:45 pm
Blessed 11:30pm

Grateful Fed:

Calla Kinglit 8:45pm
Digawolf 11pm

New Arts Collective:

Riit 8:30pm
Ellen Froese 10pm
Ben Klick 12:15am

Doja on Bernard:

Pimpton 8:45pm
3 Ninjasks 10:15pm
Hello Moth 11:00pm
Snotty Nose Rez Kids 12:30am

Craft Beer Market:

Campfire Social 8:30pm
Busby Marou 9:15pm
Tom West 10pm
Kidsmoke 10:45pm
Motherhood 11:30pm
Like A Motorcycle 12:15am

Delta Hotel Lobby:

Gunner and Smith 2:15pm
Ellen Doty 4:30pm

Thursday, October 11

Calla Kinglit at the Delta Lobby 1:45pm
Quantum Tangle at the Delta Lobby 5:15pm
Luca Fogale at Fernando’s 10pm
Leisure Club at Craft Beer Market 11:30pm

What You Missed

Friday, October 12

Doc Willoughby’s:

Whale and the Wolf 8:30pm
Megan Nash 10pm
Jérémie & The Delicious Hounds 11:30pm

Fernando’s Pub:

Riit 9:30pm
Andrew Judah 10:15pm
Busby Marou 11pm
Celeigh Cardinal 11:45pm
Blessed 12:30am

Milkcrate Records:

Nuela Charles 9:30pm
Snotty Nose Rez Kids 11pm
T-Rhyme 11:45pm
PIMPTON 12:30am

Muninn’s Post:

Sc Mira 8:30pm
Kidsmoke 9:15pm
Motherhood 10pm
Leisure Club 11:30pm

Grateful Fed:

Ellen Doty 8:45pm
Ellen Froese 9:30pm
Raleigh 11pm
Tom West 11:45pm

New Arts Collective:

Gunner and Smith 8:30pm
Quantum Tangle 10:45pm
The Velveteins 11:30pm

Doja on Bernard:

Luca Fogale 8:45pm
Too Soon Monsoon 9:30pm
The Middle Coast 10:15pm
High Love 11pm
Campfire Social 11:45pm
Digawolf 12:30am

Craft Beer Market:

Sarah Jane Scouten 9:15pm
Ben Klick 10pm
The Heels 10:45pm
Chris Buck Band 11:30pm

Sapphire Nightclub:

3 Ninjasks 11pm
FOONYAP 11:30pm
Hello Moth 11:30pm


Yes We Mystic 12:15am

Delta Hotel Lobby:

Micah Erenberg 2:15pm
Sarah Jane Scouten 4:15pm

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