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Heron, Bort, The Grudge, a Night of Sludge, Stoner, Rock and Doom Metal at Fernando’s Pub

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Heron, Bort, The Grudge, a Night of Sludge, Stoner, Rock and Doom Metal at Fernando’s Pub
Heron, Bort, The Grudge Live at Fernando's Pub.
Heron, Bort, The Grudge Live at Fernando's Pub.

Join Fernando’s for a night of sludge, stoner, rock and doom metal courtesy of Heron, Bort, and The Grudge. Heron takes musical influences from bands such as Isis, Sleep, and Corrupted and combines them with existential lyrical content and audio samples, resulting in a swirling miasma of oppressive guitar tone, cannon-like drums, and bestial howls.

Heron carries as much gear with them on tour as possible in a never-ending search for perfect tone and will absolutely destroy any live venue.

Through deep desert grooves drenched in the gloom of the Pacific Northwest, Bort wades through the sea of hair and empties to unleash their brand of fuzz rock on any and all. The four piece from Vancouver have wasted no time in getting their craft heard, as they’re set to release their second record in as many years.

Recorded in the final days of 2018, the five track offering from Bort delves further into the dark and psychedelic. The Unblinking Eye sees the band embrace their heavier influences, while retaining the distinct characteristics introduced on their debut LP, Crossing the Desert (2018).

The quartet always aim to keep you on your toes, perfectly demonstrated with the inclusion of their sonically crushing rendition of the 1980’s Tears for Fears classic “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”. Gruff vocals, bass heavy instrumentation, and spaced out guitar melodies; this is undoubtedly a Bort record through and through.

With London UK’s The Grudge – “Absolutely massIve album complete with wheely popping groove, barn burning swagger, and ass kicking power.” – BUCKY BROWN (Ripple Music)

“Pure howling rock aggression served up raw, beastly and with all cylinders burning.” – Classic Rock Magazine

April 19, 8pm

Fernando's Pub

Situated in downtown Kelowna by the Sails, Fernando's Pub has great atmosphere, books some of the most interesting live music in the Valley, cooks up some tasty classic Mexican and traditional pub fare and has AVOCADO MARGARITAS!.

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