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In Vertigo with The Pickups Live at Fernando’s Pub

Fernando's Pub |
In Vertigo with The Pickups Live at Fernando’s Pub
In Vertigo with The Pickups Live at Fernando's Pub.
In Vertigo with The Pickups Live at Fernando's Pub.

In/Vertigo is a hard rock band hailing from Calgary formed in 2017. Consisting of vocalist Reed, guitarist Shaddy Elsaghir, bassist Duncan McCartney, and drummer Keaton Byfield, the band has already made a mark for itself touring and constantly gigging around Western Canada.

Performing high profile gigs with international acts (Diamond Head, Age Of Electric, Pop Evil, The Wild!, The Lazy’s) has proven the band as young pros, still hungry for bigger stages and even bigger crowds.

Their self titled demo, recorded under Ronnie Champagne (Alice In Chains, Janes Addiction, Social Distortion) had a limited run of 500 and subsequently sold out. Currently completing their official EP, set to be released soon, the debut promises to be a rude awakening in the current hard rock drought.

Founded in 2017 by four friends with a common goal of writing and performing kick-ass, high energy rock and roll, The Pickups have been making waves and gaining momentum in the Central Okanagan music scene.

The Pickups have a sound described anything but typical – catchy, upbeat original rock songs with blistering guitar leads, a powerhouse rhythm section and layered three-four part vocal harmonies rarely heard in music today.

Doors at 9pm, live music at 10pm. $10 cover.

January 19, 9pm

Fernando's Pub

Situated in downtown Kelowna by the Sails, Fernando's Pub has great atmosphere, books some of the most interesting live music in the Valley, cooks up some tasty classic Mexican and traditional pub fare and has AVOCADO MARGARITAS!.

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