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The Wild Live at Doc Willoughby’s

Doc Willoughby's |
The Wild Live at Doc Willoughby’s
The Wild Live at Doc Willoughby's.
The Wild Live at Doc Willoughby's.

“Shooting guns, setting fires and shaking shacks with half-stacks make for the type of nights that separate the men from the boys and The Wild” explains this local bands bio. “I feel like for every thousand bands that are out there right now you’ll get maybe ten that believe the things they’re singing about, which is the most important thing to me in any genre,” says lead vocalist Dylan Villain. “I don’t give a shit what kind of music you play. If you care about it then really give yourself to that moment. Our fans aren’t stupid and I feel that they’re hungry for things that aren’t so disposable.”

In 2014, the band’s music video for their first single “Road House” went viral on Youtube which led to notable airplay at rock radio in Canada. The song made a big dent at radio for a completely independent band, landing in the TOP 30 rock chart. Later that summer, THE WILD! hit the road playing alongside of bands like Korn, Rise Against, Monster Truck, The Glorious Sons and One Bad Son.

All of this momentum lead to the band signing a deal with eOne Music Canada. So what do they sound like? “Take the gritty authenticity of the delta blues and speed it up with a reckless punk rock attitude. Now roll that into a southern rock cigarette. Throw that shit into 5th and tighten your grip around the neck of your electric guitar.” The result is The Wild.

October 26, 9pm

Doc Willoughby's Public House

Doc Willougby's is the perfect spot for an afternoon caesar on the patio, wings, a five-buck meal, or late night drinks and live entertainment.

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