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Three Scotch In Live at Fernando’s Pub

Fernando's Pub |
Three Scotch In Live at Fernando’s Pub
Three Scotch In Live at Fernando's Pub.
Three Scotch In Live at Fernando's Pub.

Three Scotch In is a four piece acoustic band in the alternative rock/blues vein, with strong 90s Alice in Chains and Chris Cornell-like influences. The Penticton group is a longtime dream of band founders Scott Osborne and Jason Morcombe. Close friends for well over a decade, these two musicians have developed a impenetrable musical bond. The addition of bass player Norman Mathers has solidified a solid groove backbone to this acoustic trio, and formed a incredibly strong friendship and stage presence between the three musicians.

Aaron Gordon has made a recent and impressive appearance with incredible percussive talent, songwriting experience, and vocal harmonies that stitch Three Scotch In together and complete the band with rhythmic intricacy. Raw, powerful and emotionally-charged vocals and lyrics; blues solos that tell tales, and an acoustic vibe and rawness that sets any stage, Three Scotch In is sure to entertain.

Doors and $10 cover at 9pm. Music starts at 10pm.

December 7, 9pm

Fernando's Pub

Situated in downtown Kelowna by the Sails, Fernando's Pub has great atmosphere, books some of the most interesting live music in the Valley, cooks up some tasty classic Mexican and traditional pub fare and has AVOCADO MARGARITAS!.

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