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Whipped Cream Live at Level Nightclub

Level Nightclub |
Whipped Cream Live at Level Nightclub
Whipped Cream Live at Level Nightclub.
Whipped Cream Live at Level Nightclub.

Bass music’s it-girl Whipped Cream brings her Bad For Me tour to Kelowna Friday December 7th at Level Nightclub with support from Skuzz Sound and Mr. M. One of BC’s most promising acts, Whipped Cream crushes dance-floors across the continent with her own strain of hybrid bass music. Coming from humble beginnings and hailing from Vancouver Island, this DJ turned producer is proof that hard work and passion really does pay off.

Whipped Creams music is reflective of her hip-hop and heavy bass music roots. Covering a wide range of genres, big bass-lines and broken beats provide the foundation for her high energy productions. Whether she is re-whipping one of the scenes biggest hits or crafting an underground classic, her tracks bang out and energize dance-floors across the globe.

If you have been lucky enough to catch her performing in the past, you know that her deceptively small frame packs a LOT of punch. Her memorable live sets are a constant balancing act between gritty and melodic, and they will take you on a rollercoaster ride through BPM’s and bass.

Already having a couple of Shambhala’s under her belt, Whipped Cream has established herself one of Canada’s biggest EDM acts. As she continues to gain recognition from the industries biggest artists, publications, and festivals, it will come to us as no surprise when we see her name at the top of the marquee in the future.

December 7, 10pm

Level Nightclub

High-energy nightclub offering DJs & events like college nights in a multilevel space.

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