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Five Web Dives for December 4

Hello Kelowna Staff | December 4, 2017
Five Web Dives for December 4
Five Web Dives for November 27
The famous oner of Hitchcock's Rear Window.
Welcome to the third installment of our new feature, Five Dives. Every Monday, we'll emerge from the internet depths and bring back some cool curiosities. And yes, we know you shouldn't be checking out these fascinating time wasters on a Monday morning, but we're just gonna leave them here anyway...

Top 10 Cinematographers of All Time

Often overlooked for their directors, these DP's are as much a vision of a film as its director. We may all be familiar with the Deakins' and Storaro's of the film world, but these guys (and they are all guys) are as indivisible from your favourite films as their directors and stars. CineFix has laid our their top 10 DP's along with a brief history of cinematography.

Over at, the OG of internet curators, Jason Kotke has provided a nice corrective to the lens-wielding boys club with a reel of Essential Women Cinematographers.

Redditors are Upvoting Blindly, New Study Finds

In our headline-skimming culture this claim is not a huge surprise, but now we've got stats to back it up. According to a paper published in IEEE Transactions on Computational Social Systems by researchers at Notre Dame University, 73% of posts on Reddit are voted on by users that haven’t actually clicked through to view the content being rated.

This study is unique because it does not solely rely on Reddit’s own data collection methods (via its API or by crawling the website with software), but straight up checks if redditors are even bothering to read the articles or are instead merely browsing headlines.

Reddit alien had higher hopes for crowd curation.

Meet the Shazam of Fonts: What the Font

The web tool WhatTheFont! has been helping the type-curious for quite a while now. Before, you would upload an image of the font you wanted identified, and then a forum of amateur and professional typographers and designers would mull it over in a thread until a match was found (or not). Now, machine learning has stepped in to correctly identify the typefaces in a snap (90% of the time they're right)! Pretty crazy. It's a huge time saver.

What the Font? Mobile app now with machine learning.

Grizzly Stories: What Our Ideas About Bears Reveal About Us.

From cave drawings to Disneyfied polar bears to ridiculous trophy prizes, bears have always had a strong hold on our psyche. Follow audio documentarian Molly Segal along her quest into why we are drawn to, and terrified of these magnificent, ursine creatures. Much of the research is done in our own backyard here in BC, and among other scholars and researchers, it features local UBCO prof Greg Garrard. An expert in ecocriticism and critical animal studies, he explores how their mystique lies in their "quite extreme combination of wildness and domesticity in our cultural imagination".

The dignified, adorable and terrifying grizzly bear at home in BC.

'Tis the Season ...When You Have to Cook For a Gang

No doubt you'll be cooking for extended family, party guests or fellow tailgaters this month. Before you find yourself scrambling to the Superstore frozen aisle or straining with that last-minute Pinspiration, arm yourself with this video. Its a how-to, time-saver, and life hack all in one: Sliders For Everything.

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