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Five Web Dives for November 20

Hello Kelowna Staff | November 20, 2017
Five Web Dives for November 20
Five Web Dives for November 20
Autonomous Weapons - giving Black Mirror a run for its money.
Welcome to our new feature, Five Dives. Every Monday, we'll emerge from the internet depths and bring back a bounty of cool curiosities. And yes, we know you shouldn't be checking out these fascinating time wasters on a Monday morning, but we're just gonna leave them here anyway...

When Fashion Unintentionally Mirrors Art

In his Tumblr series People Matching Artworks, photographer Stefan Draschan visits museums around Europe and waits for museum-goers who unintentionally coordinate with the art they’re observing, and takes a candid photo of the coincidence. The patience needed to capture these!


Steve Jobs' BMW Z8 Goes Up for Auction

His all orignal BMW Z8, with a production date of April 1, 2000 – the 85th Z8 produced for the first year of U.S. specification production and the 67th customer car – goes up for auction soon at RM Sotheby's in New York. His ownership is documented through several service invoices accompanying the car, as well as a copy of the California "pink slip" registration in his name (and at his personal residence). The car also comes with its original BMW-branded Motorola flip-phone, and Jobs was known to have hated the Motorola phone. The expected bid should come close to $400,000.


For Typography Lovers

The credits for Stranger Things never grow old (one of the select few I never skip over). At a little over 53 seconds the sequence is a perfect mix of soundtrack, and typographic porn. The people over at Invision wrote a great article breaking down those 53 seconds, including why that font they used looks so familiar. Recommended reading (also, type nerds can read further about type design legend Ed Benguiat here).

“Cards Against Humanity” Is Buying Up Land To Stop Donald Trump’s Border Wall

Cards Against Humanity, the popular party game company based in Chicago, has a plan to stop the border wall between the United States and Mexico proposed by Donald Trump.


It’s purchasing acres of land that sits directly on the U.S. border with Mexico and has “retained a law firm specializing in eminent domain to make it as time-consuming and expensive as possible for the wall to get built.” “Donald Trump is a preposterous golem who is afraid of Mexicans,” the company explains. “[H]e is so afraid that he wants to build a $20-billion wall that everyone knows will accomplish nothing.”

A Terrifying Look at the Power of Autonomous Weapons

The following short film is truly frightening. Created by and Stuart Russell, a Professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley, it shows autonomous weapons – A.I. drones that have the ability to kill without meaningful human direction. "This short film is more than just speculation. It shows the results of integrating and miniaturizing technology that we already have", says Russell. Warning: the following video might be considered disturbing:

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