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Five Web Dives for November 27

Hello Kelowna Staff | November 27, 2017
Five Web Dives for November 27
Five Web Dives for December 4
The Aston Martin Vantage is impeccable.
Welcome to our new feature, Five Dives. Every Monday, we'll emerge from the internet depths and bring back a bounty of cool curiosities. And yes, we know you shouldn't be checking out these fascinating time wasters on a Monday morning, but we're just gonna leave them here anyway...

Aston Martin Vantage – Drool-Worthy Design

While we're not huge gearheads, whenever we see an Aston Martin Vantage on the streets, we can't help but stop, gawk and admire its graceful lines – it's design done well. The car company recently unveiled the new Vantage, a 503 horsepower super coupe, and like previous versions of the model, this one too flaunts its trademark sleek muscular flanks and broad haunches front and back.


The interior showcases sharp, focused lines denoting the more aggressive nature of the car, accompanied by alcantara and leather upholstery. It goes from 0 to 60 mph in 3.5 seconds, to a maximum speed of 195 mph. No doubt we'll see this beast make a cameo in 2019's James Bond, continuing the tradition. Price? $190,000 CAD.

The Quadrapedal Robot – Your New Companion

Have a dog or cat allergy? Boston Dynamics has the pet for you. Meet the "Spot Mini", a quadrapedal robot with a face-style sensor system that responds to human gestures – make it a companion or a guard dog that can ward off unwelcomed guests — particularly as it stops, crouches and stares straight down the camera lens. The company has started rolling out robots in Japan, and it can't be too long before we see them over here. Woof!

For Photography Lovers

Professional photographers can work wonders even with minimal resources – Jenna Martin took her camera and her model to Lowe’s: "Instead of searching out the usual beautiful locations around where we live, I had the idea to do just the opposite," she wrote on PetaPixel. "I wanted to go somewhere 'ugly' by all conventional photography standards and then see what we could do with it. Lowe’s seemed like the perfect option."

Martin set herself some rules prior to shooting: work with whatever was already there – no artificial lighting or props; don't rearrange the displays; and stop shooting if anyone else was in the background.




The World’s Biggest Selfie Machine

Matthew Mohr's "As We Are", on display at the Columbus Convention Center in Ohio, is an interactive selfie sculpture – you can walk through the back of the skull sculpture and have your photo taken by a total of 29 cameras in unison from every angle. Software stitches those photos into your very own 3D head and projects it onto the exterior of the installation, which uses ribbons of curved LCD screens to approximate your full, 3D visage.

Galaxy Eclairs Anyone?

Ukrainian pastry shop Musse Confectionery has created a galaxy eclair recipe – each finger-licking piece features interstellar icing of various shades, and the swirling glaze is dusted with stars. The eclairs come in 5 flavors: classic vanilla, pistachio, raspberry, salted caramel, and chocolate. Now that's some Celestial Seasonings!


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