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Five Web Dives for January 8

Jason Stewart | January 8, 2018
Five Web Dives for January 8
Jonathan Nimerfroh captured this slurpee wave.
Jonathan Nimerfroh captured this slurpee wave.
Welcome back to Five Dives. Occasionally, we'll emerge from the internet depths and bring back some cool curiosities.

Slurpee Waves of New England

The waves off the shores of Nantucket, Massachusetts turned into slushy rolling ice when temperatures dropped to -11 degrees Celsius last week. Photographer Jonathan Nimerfroh captured the phenomena and decided to do a little surfing while weathering the conditions.

Halitrephes Maasi Jellyfish Caught on Video

Researchers aboard the E/V Nautilus captured on video a beautiful Halitrephes maasi jellyfish found at a depth of 4,000 feet underwater at the Revillagigedo Archipelago off Baja California, Mexico. When lit the jellyfish shows its brilliant, vibrant colours like a technicolor mandala. Otherwise it travels in almost complete visual obscurity.

Cellograffiti is a Thing

A few years ago Ches, a Russian street artist, discovered a form of graffiti called cellograffiti where artists paint on industrial strength plastic film fixed between two columns or trees. Intrigued by the medium, Ches started using it in his own work. The results are amazing.

Leave the Boots at Home!

The Japanese brand ONFAdd created "rain socks" — a solution that will allow you to wear your favourite shoes outside in a variety of weather conditions. Since the rain socks are made of a natural rubber material called Elastic Latex, they will not tear even when worn repeatedly. ONFAdd aimed to raise $10,000 US dollars on Kickstarter to initiate production, and they surpassed that mark. Expect to see them soon.

The Museum of the City of New York Initiates a Snow Day Battle on Twitter

From time to time Twitter can actually delight you, like when you find the museums and galleries initiate epic one-upmanship amongst themselves to see who has the best Twitter responses using their own archives. The latest one came after the bomb cyclone hit the East Coast.

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