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Kelowna Can Haz Cat Café?

Hello Kelowna Staff | September 21, 2017
Kelowna Can Haz Cat Café?
Kelowna Can Haz Cat Café?
This good guy wants one!
Following the success of a number of cat café launches across the country, Kelowna just might be getting its very own. If you follow The Scratching Post's Instagram, then you know they've had this in the works since last summer.

After some very fruitful meetings with SPCA Kelowna, the reality of the café is getting closer and closer, and this weekend they would like to share their vision with you with their Pop-up Cat Cafe event at the BC SPCA Kelowna Branch at 3785 Casorso Rd. (Saturday, 12-4pm).

Saturday’s pop-up cafe will showcase what both Nicole Baron and Jesse Jacobson (the proprietors) have in mind for The Scratching Post when it opens. The Okanagan Cat Coalition will be providing 30 adorable adoptable cats and kittens ready for loving forever homes. So go on down, sip a Cherry Hill coffee and get cozy with the friendly felines.

Various cat cafés across Canada have taken different approaches for their establishments. We're curious which direction The Scratching Post has in mind. For example, Vancouver’s successful Catfé requires a reservation and a small admission fee to cover overhead and they limit the number of customers to 16 at a time. They’ll have anywhere between 8-12 cats roaming around once you enter.

Toronto’s TOT Cat Café has cats in their own room, sectioned off from the rest of the establishment. 12 customers are allowed in at a time (there’s a whole pass system) to interact with the cats and you can bring your drink and food with you while you hang with the cats, so long as you don't share your snacks with the kitties.

At Café Chat l’Heureux in Montreal, there are some free-range cats roaming about the cafe, however most of them are located inside a playroom. Here they take education about felines quite seriously and have a whole room dedicated to learning everything about cats. Staff on hand are also well versed about cat-ucation.

In the end these cafés are all about coordinating with their local shelters to provide cats and kitties a forever home. Support Nicole and Jesse’s efforts, and stop by this Saturday to see what their vision is all about. Once they’ve been granted approval to move ahead, they’ll be looking for a location to call The Scratching Post home, and they’re aiming to open in April 2018. We wish them the best!

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