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The Sunday Recap – Local News from the Week March 5-11

Hello Kelowna Staff | March 9, 2018
The Sunday Recap – Local News from the Week March 5-11
New Town Services is proposing this 15 storey tower to fit into the South Pandosy neighbourhood. Note the couple catching a moment in the foreground by the Suzuki during this magic hour.
New Town Services is proposing this 15 storey tower to fit into the South Pandosy neighbourhood. Note the couple catching a moment in the foreground (right) by the Suzuki during this magic hour.

Every Sunday we recap local lifestyle and culture news from the past week. This week we take a look at a couple of development proposals that are ready to go before city council, and we salute the Civic Awards finalists and musician Shaedan Hawse.

Jenga Tower Proposal in South Pandosy

New Town Services, a local urban development and consulting firm has submitted plans to the city to build a Jenga inspired midrise that they claim will "define the gateway to the South Pandosy Urban Centre". The subject site fronts on Cedar Avenue and Newsom Lane just behind Sopa Square, and the proposal calls for a skinny, low-rise tower of 15 storeys consisting of 34 units of multi-residential to be built on a two story podium, fronted with a blend of retail and commercial. The street level will boast plazas, café seating and an outdoor galleria.

This low-rise 15 storey tower will hold 34 multi-residential units. It's night time and the couple in the foreground continue their conversation.

Currently the two existing lots are occupied by single detached homes that will be demolished to prepare the land for re-development – New Town will need to acquire roughly 7.5m of Newsom Lane from the City of Kelowna. Due to the site being prone to high water table conditions, development parking will be fully enclosed within an above-ground parkade that will include 52 stalls.

An above-ground parkade will include 52 stalls with a communal deck atop. Note the same couple still discussing the meaning of life on the left, and it's the afternoon, next day. This must be one inspiring space.

As we have seen before in the recent spate of proposals, the requested height of the development exceeds the city's C4 bylaw, which limits structures to 7 storeys, however New Town counters that the building will cover 63.8% of the site, below the maximum bylaw allowance of 75% coverage. The remaining 36.2% of the site, approximately 10,000 square feet will be used for the plaza, galleria and café seating. We'll learn more about this project's fate later in the month when council votes on it.

Caban at Gyro Beach is Back on the Table

Vancouver’s Cressey Development Group who sought city council approval for their proposal "Caban" a full ten years ago, just recently submitted updated plans (with Meiklejohn Architects on board as designer) for the area on Lakeshore Road, directly across from Gyro Beach. In 2008 the company walked away from the development because of the recession.

The proposal features two, six-storey towers housing 130 condos.

Now with home and condo prices booming in this part of the Okanagan, Cressey returns eager to build two, six-storey towers that would house 130 condos, along with eight retail spaces and seven townhouses. Cressey is asking the city for variances for several of the building’s setbacks, and claims the building will “set a new standard for mixed-use buildings in Kelowna.” City council will debate on the proposal in the coming weeks. It's been a long time Cressey!

Civic Awards Finalists

The City of Kelowna has announced the finalists for its 43rd annual Civic and Community Awards. The event gala is at the Kelowna Community Theatre on April 26th. To see the full list of what each award is, and who was nominated, check out our event post. Congrats to all the nominees and a special shout out to One Big Table and Start Fresh Kitchen for their nominations – love what you guys are doing.

Congratulations Shaedan Hawse!

Local musician Shaedan Hawse, a self-taught singer-songwriter cracked CBC's Searchlight 2018 top 100 earlier in the week. He was nominated for his song "Montréal". Searchlight is CBC Music's annual hunt for Canada's best musical talent. Unfortunately, he didn't quite make the cut when they whittled the list down to 10 on Thursday, but no matter, that's quite an accomplishment. You can check out the top 10 list here.

Here's Shaedan Hawse's beautiful song that was nominated:

Instagram of the Week

The International Women’s Day Dinner at Tantalus Vineyards was a success.

Once upon a time, 5 female cooks from BC and Alberta got together with the best Winemakers from across the Okanagan Valley to tell stories, cook and serve delicious things and do a lot of good! I’ve been planning the second annual International Women’s Day dinner for @cmhakelowna @foundrykelowna @slowfoodcanada @karis.kelowna since September. Like all my dinners, everything was unscripted and unfiltered (there’s a lot that happens inside my head), but this lineup and our community pulled it off and then some! Thanks @tantaluswine @dave_pats @ellamena @levieuxpin @pintesev Moraine Winery Jacq Kemp @rochewines @glitterfreeze89 @chefjinhee @erinelizabethpix @tinnatang for sharing the magic with me and saying YES! We changed so many lives today #community #PressForProgress #mentalhealth #charity #girlpower #explorekelowna #bcwine #food

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