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The Sunday Recap – Local News from the Week, Jan 8-14

Hello Kelowna Staff | January 13, 2018
The Sunday Recap – Local News from the Week, Jan 8-14
Local News from the week.
Local News from the week.

Every Sunday we'll recap local lifestyle and culture news that you may have missed over the last seven days. This week we had some announcements of new establishments opening, and interesting news that came out of the city council meetings both in Kelowna and West Kelowna.


Earlier this week the folks behind RauDZ and Micro announced that they're opening a 'modern diner' (hopefully that means the best of both worlds) named Sunny’s in the spot on Bernard beside Moo-Lix that has sat empty for some time. They'll be offering breakfast and lunch, and then expand to dinner service later in the year when the days get longer. I'll assume with that will come a liquor license, and an additional choice along the Bernard strip to sit on the patio, have a drink and a snack, people watch, and take in the live bands across the street at Kerry Park.

New diner, Sunny's opening by the Sails
New diner, Sunny's opening by the Sails.

An urban winery will be opening up in May at the bottom of the office building on the small strip of Pandosy just south of Leon. Ricco Bambino will be a sparkling-forward winery that should make for a fun addition to the drinks scene.

Urban winery coming soon
Urban winery, Ricco Bambino coming soon.

American chain Pizza Studio is expanding to Kelowna (they have 3 other Canadian locations in Ontario, and 150 in the U.S.) and will occupy the new street level space in the Library parkade. They invite customers to create their own custom pizza or salad, and regardless of the number of toppings and ingredients that you add, everything will be offered at one set price.

Be a pizza artist at the new Pizza Studio.

Washroom Talk

Councillors in a 5-1 vote on Monday approved a modern and safe washroom to replace an aging public facility at Boyce-Gyro Beach Park on Lakeshore Road. The price? $675,000. "I can easily support the $675,000 to build a new, best-class washroom in our premier beach park", Councillor Gail Given said. So far the public's been relatively quiet on the issue versus the firestorm that took place over the approval of the Stuart Park washrooms several years ago.

Aging public facility at Gyro Beach Park
Aging public facility at Gyro Beach Park.

Is Uber Coming?

The city wants control of authorizing licensing for ride-hailing operators such as Uber and Lyft. The NDP government is asking municipalities across the province for feedback on the pending introduction of ride-hailing services to BC. The legislation is expected to be introduced in the fall. Kelowna acting mayor Tracy Gray said municipalities across the province have the ability to issue chauffeur's licences, and council would like that same flexibility.

Uber could be coming.

A New Hotel, Winery, and Marina in West Kelowna?

A major new development is planned for the Casa Loma neighbourhood of West Kelowna, and a hotel, winery and marina are part of the proposal. The proposed project will be built on the 7.3-hectare property at 2211 Campbell Rd. Currently the site is zoned for agriculture, and members of West Kelowna’s agricultural advisory committee are considering the proposal – it was tabled at a meeting this past Thursday. City Council deliberations will follow later in the year.

A major new development is planned for the Casa Loma neighbourhood of West Kelowna
Big development for Campbell Rd.

Instagram of the Week

Cal Foote's first game back at Prospera Place after taking home the gold at the Juniors with teammate Dillon Dube (unfortunately he was out sick this night) happened Wednesday and the crowd delivered a nice standing O.

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