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Top 10 Movies, TV Series and Songs – Mega List of 2017

Hello Kelowna Staff | December 17, 2017
Top 10 Movies, TV Series and Songs – Mega List of 2017
Top 10 Movies, TV Series and Songs – Mega List of 2017
Culture had your back in 2017.
It's that picky time of year again, and honestly we're grateful. As we begin the chillaxing season we can use some shortcuts to help up program out Netflix cues and playlists. I've highlighted a few major publications below and charted out their top 10s for a convenient one-stop listing of all the top creative offerings of 2017. Titles below in yellow will bring you to the original publication's list, or open a trailer or music video.


Top 10 Movies of 2017

New York Times Slate Vanity Fair New Yorker Vulture
Dunkirk BPM BPM Get Out The Florida Project
Ex Libris: The NY Public Library Call Me By Your Name Faces Places A Quiet Passion Call Me By Your Name
Faces Places Columbus Call Me By Your Name Good Time Lady Bird
The Florida Project Dawson City: Frozen Time The Lost City of Z A Ghost Story Get Out
Get Out Faces Places Get Out Slack Bay Faces Places
Lady Bird Florida Project Phantom Thread Phantom Thread Marjorie Prime
Okja Get Out Personal Shopper Beach Rats Nowhere to Hide
Phantom Thread A Ghost Story Princess Cyd Faces Places Valerian
A Quiet Passion Phantom Thread A Ghost Story Song to Song BPM
Wonder Woman Wonder Woman Beatriz at Dinner Sylvio Phantom Thread

Duplicates are not linked.

The winner in the lists above has to be Get Out, the directorial debut of Jordan Peele of Keele and Peele fame, and perhaps indie horror films in general. There has been an outpouring of great small budget horror films that are redefining the genre while scaring us shitless, and Get Out marks the best of them. Also the title is a whopper of a meta joke – I mean how many times have you yelled that at a horror movie screen, to no avail?

Note: PT Anderson's Phantom Thread doesn't open until December 25th – can't wait!


Top 10 Television Shows of 2017

New York Times Alan Sepinwall The Ringer Slate
Twin Peaks: The Return The Leftovers Season 3 The Handmaid’s Tale The Young Pope
One Day at a Time (Netflix) Better Things Season 2 Twin Peaks: The Return I Love Dick
The Leftovers Season 3 Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 The Leftovers Season 3 The Deuce
Lady Dynamite Season 2 (Netflix) The Good Place Season 2 The Keepers (Netflix) Better Things Season 2
Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Better Call Saul Season 3 Big Little Lies Halt and Catch Fire Season 4
The Good Place Season 2 Twin Peaks: The Return Riverdale Season 2 (Netflix) The Handmaid’s Tale
The Deuce Brockmire Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Insecure Season 2
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 3 Master of None Season 2 (Netflix) BoJack Horseman Season 4 Big Little Lies
Better Things Season 2 The Deuce The Good Place Season 2 Catastrophe Season 3
American Vandal (Netflix) One Day at a Time (Netflix) Rick and Morty Season 3 G.L.O.W. (Netflix)

While many of these refer to shows in later seasons, to avoid spoiling, all links go to season one of each show. Duplicates are not linked.

The Leftovers is my favourite show hands down both for this year and last (caveat: I have not seen Twin Peaks yet). Too bad it has wrapped up for good. For those of you who haven't seen it yet, season one is not very good and thankfully not really necessary, so if you familiarize yourself with the general storyline and characters (watch the trailer) just move on to the absolutely brilliant season two.

David Simon's The Deuce, about the New York City sex trade in 1970s is an intelligent, sensitive, often funny character-rich masterpiece. Fans of The Wire will find many similarities, my only complaint is that the season is too short. Make sure the kids are in bed prior to giving it a go.


Top 10 Songs of 2017

While the old Taylor can't come to the phone right now, the new one is leaving lots of space on the lists for some pretty great pop and hip hop by her peers. Yep, we have Selena Gomez sampling the Talking Heads’ Psycho Killer, and it's wonderful. Frank Ocean finally picked up the phone and he didn't stop calling, in fact he inundated us with new music: Chanel is a great song pick by Pitchfork here – that muted percussion, winding flute, and subtle cash-register click... love it – and of course his work with Calvin Harris and Migos on Slide is at home on all the top lists too.

However Cardi B was the badass flow queen we've been waiting for. Her hit, Bodak Yellow is remarkable in more ways than one, as summed up by Pitchfork: "[it's] the first solo female rap track to hit No. 1 in nearly 20 years, it emboldened many of the people — especially women of color — who were marginalized for the very things that anchor her impenetrable pride. It let them lift their middle fingers a little higher and shout a little louder over the voices that wished them silent."

And, as if there was ever any doubt, Lorde and Kendrick can do no wrong.
Well there you have it. I hope having all these lists together will either help kick off some great debates among you and yours, or at least help you choose some great ways to chill with the fam over the holidays.

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