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Letter to the Editor: Ready, Steady, Vote

FPTP doesn’t give electors fair representation

BC Attorney General David Eby has recommended that a referendum on electoral reform be held by mail-in ballot in October and November of this year. We should remind ourselves why reform was promoted by multiple federal and provincial parties during the latest election campaigns. What’s wrong with first-past-the-post, the system we have now?

BC Votes

November is Here!: Proportional Representation Referendum

First-past-the-post masks the true political diversity of BC

Electoral reform has been a major issue in Canada and BC since the early 1990s. The appetite to do away with our old system and modernize our democracy reached such a high level of national attention, that the Federal Liberals used it as a key part of their platform to clinch a majority government in 2015.

Here at home, attempts to switch our voting system to Proportional Representation by way of