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Negative Perception of Homelessness in Downtown Kelowna Reaches Ugliest Peak to Date

Blonde Women’s Retail Boutique owner's letter describes the homeless community as a "zombie apocalypse"

Blonde Women’s Boutique owner, Raegan Hall has produced one of the most appalling letters to date about the homelessness situation in downtown Kelowna. She’s been running her store on Bernard Ave. for the past 16 years, selling trendy bohemian and classic styles to largely (self-admittedly) Albertan tourists in the summer months. So when the offseason hits, apparently Raegan has time to focus on her business strategy. Public relations and community outreach is a key component to any business, however this time, instead of extolling her company’s value, she decided to strip her neighbours of their’s, and in the process create a

The way to order a bowl at Pacific Poke is pretty simple.

Vancouver's Pacific Poke Opens in Downtown Kelowna

The way to order a bowl is pretty simple

Poke (pronounced poh-keh) is a traditional Hawaiian dish, essentially a salad that combines raw fish with fresh vegetables and Japanese flavours. It became all the rage a few years ago in West Coast urban centres and on the Pinterest boards of us amateur chefs. Basically a mashup of the trendy healthy bowl and the always hip tartare, it’s a wonder this concept just recently

Public Art

Public Art: What’s the Point?

New art called for the forecourt of the new Police Services Building

In this century we’ve fallen in love with public art. Banksy is a folk hero, developers trade off their bland homogeneity by funding public art, those darn cows (or in our case moose) are everywhere and the Bean is the most photographed artwork since… well that’s kind of the point. It’s also been known to cause massive dysfunction and discord (and unwittingly betray some fundamental hypocrisies along the way), as in the case of Calgary’s “Bowfort Towers” or Richard Serra’s “Titled Arc” in Manhattan. Public art is always a fun topic because it

Community Planning

Imagine This: Downtown Kelowna has a New Movie Theatre

We're playing Fantasy Developer

New theatre brings the movies back to downtown Kelowna!” Sounds cool sure, but would it really work? Well, the answer is we don’t know, and we don’t have the financial resources, but we’re proposing it anyway. As the romantic William Blake said: “everything real was once imagined,” or as the kids are saying, ERWOI (just kidding, they’re not saying that), and that’s exactly what this new section is here for – a place to imagineer Kelowna! So instead of whining about the city’s offerings (hey we’re certainly guilty of that), we’re gonna play Fantasy Developer and

Community Planning

Does Downtown Kelowna Have a Parking Problem?

We think we see a few spots

The nice thing about our charming downtown is that you don’t need a car to get around, however getting there is a different story. Public transit can be unrealistically time consuming, and the region is spread out, making driving the best option. So we need to ask, does the downtown make itself inviting and available for drivers to park and spend time there? For the purposes of our quest to find out, we limited the