Kelowna's Latest Brewery, Vice & Virtue is Smokin'! Food, Beer and Vibes

A cheerful, airy space that delivers the goods.

It’s no secret that the Kelowna craft brewery scene is intensifying in scope and creativity, however, what is new is the coming of age of its bar and bites scene. Long a town where coffee shops (gotta love ’em, but enough already) and bland chains dominate the top downtown real estate, new go-getters are now finding their own cool new areas to rival them (the industrial north end, or downtown’s quaint courtyards and back alleys*), creating drinks that far surpass them (expect perhaps the bananas beer selection at Craft), and now it’s safe to say, way better and


Downtown Kelowna’s Latest Resto Bar, Jack's Pizza & Liquor Gets the Balance Just Right

"Any place that plays both Dolly Parton and Depeche Mode in the time it takes me to down one is fine by me"

You could definitely say there are many places to grab a drink downtown, but are there really any great bar bars? Y’know that place with a solid bartender, a fresh and eclectic mix of tunes, friendly staff serving up a menu of select thoughtful snacks while still maintaining a premium on cocktails, to a crowd of carefree vacationers and grateful locals, all coming together in a