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Open House for Kelowna’s First Winter Emergency Shelter

A public educational session about supporting people experiencing homelessness

The government is commiting, the local agencies and non-profits are on board, but projects like this need support from the community too – that’s you neighbour. The Welcome Inn emergency winter shelter aims to open at some point in January at the Metro Community Church on Ellis Street with 20 beds available 24/7. While people have already signed up to volunteer, the shelter is looking for more volunteers and staff. Overworked volunteers may burn out, so if you’re thinking about helping out, just come on down and find out more. “The quality of that first line staff to be able to manage the volunteers and to give them guidance and have some confidence around it, that’s critical to make it safe for volunteers and residents,” Jason Siebenga, chairman of Metro Community Church says.


Letter: “When a fellow human being is at risk of imminent harm or death …we act. Now.”

A concerned citizen demands action on Kelowna's human crisis

I am dismayed and disheartened to read, and witness, the division occurring in our city in regards to homelessness. 

The City of Kelowna, with widespread public engagement, and the laudable work of the Journey Home initiative, has an excellent plan in place, and has done incredible work to date in seeking sustainable, longterm solutions. BC Housing and local agencies have created, and are working to develop more permanent supported housing as part of an extensive Housing First program. These are

Petty Bourgeoisie

Negative Perception of Homelessness in Downtown Kelowna Reaches Ugliest Peak to Date

Blonde Women’s Retail Boutique owner's letter describes the homeless community as a "zombie apocalypse"

Blonde Women’s Boutique owner, Raegan Hall has produced one of the most appalling letters to date about the homelessness situation in downtown Kelowna. She’s been running her store on Bernard Ave. for the past 16 years, selling trendy bohemian and classic styles to largely (self-admittedly) Albertan tourists in the summer months. So when the offseason hits, apparently Raegan has time to focus on her business strategy. Public relations and community outreach is a key component to any business, however this time, instead of extolling her company’s value, she decided to strip her neighbours of their’s, and in the process create a

A groundswell of outrage and moral panic has exploded in Rutland upon City Council’s approval of a development permit that will allow BC Housing to build supportive housing for 49 individuals at 130 McCurdy Road.
Homes First

To Fight or Unite?

Outrage and moral panic has exploded in Rutland regarding BC Housing's new supportive housing project

A groundswell of outrage and moral panic has exploded in Rutland upon City Council’s approval of a development permit that will allow BC Housing to build supportive housing for 49 individuals at 130 McCurdy Road who are either in recovery, or may still use drugs. Protests have been planned for the approved development of this, and another BC Housing project at 280 McIntosh Road, which has not yet come before

The Agassiz Road supportive housing project, a modular, four-storey, 52-unit supportive housing complex on an empty lot at 2025 Agassiz Rd. is being opposed mightily by NIMBYism.
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Neighbourhood Bullies? Not In My Back Yard. Our Letter in Favour of Agassiz Road Supportive Housing

The project is being opposed mightily by NIMBYism

Just a few months after Mayor Colin Basran strode back into office with a convincing majority win, after a campaign where his approach to homelessness fully embraced the Homes First (before rehab, before employment, etc.) credo, a Kelowna BC Housing initiative which aims to do exactly that is facing mighty vocal resistance from residents neighbouring the proposed site on Agassiz Rd. The opposition is getting quite a bit of attention as it is noisy, organized, and has the ear of conservative media in town (which is to say all private sector mainstream media), as is often the case when

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Healthy Housing, Kelowna and the Speculation Tax

Analyzing and addressing the BC housing crisis

The Real Estate Services Manager for the City of Kelowna recently submitted a report on the provincial taxes (speculation, foreign buyer and property transfer), and city council will be discussing it this evening. In light of these new provincial measures to address the housing crisis, I thought it might be interesting – especially after seeing some of the extreme lengths people will go just to rent in Kelowna – to put this tax talk in a wider framework to help us understand what’s at