Bowl-ed over at Krafty's daily brunch service.

Krafty has Ktown's Best Brunch Every Damn Day

We're bowl-ed over at Krafty's daily brunch service

If you haven’t noticed there’s a great vibe downtown right now. Carefree crowds amble around cafes and boutiques, mild temps encourage chatty strolls, new shops tempt curious shoppers, and when it’s time to relax and replenish, Kelowna’s favourite bruncheteria, Krafty Kitchen is here for us.


What's the Tea? What's the Yum Cha? Kelowna Has a Legit Dim Sum Spot (and we JUST figured it out)

At Yamato, you'll find carts filled with freshly cooked dim sum zipping around inside – it's the real deal!

Okay it’s time to spill the tea. Well at least to those as culinarily-clued out as I was. No more Richmond-inspired trips to Vancouver, no more burning bamboo steamers on a gas stove, no more settling for frozen premade dumplings… that’s right, Kelowna has a legit weekend dim sum – old school carts and all! Unbeknownst to me, Yamato on Highway 97 has been serving up dim sum each