Copper Brewing is opening a 110 seat capacity microbrewery on Kirschner Road, one of 5 new brewers to come. Photo: Cory Ransom. @coryransom
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Kelowna Hop City! These Are All the New Craft Breweries You'll Be Drinking at in 2019

Copper Brewing is opening on Kirschner Road, one of five new brewers to come

Just a couple of years ago, when only a few craft brewers were on the scene, Chris Stirling, the former GM of one of them, Tree Brewing, was interviewed by local media about the industry here. “If anybody says they could see where the craft beer industry is today they’re lying to you. It has changed so fast and so dramatically in the last two, three, five years, that I don’t think anybody saw this coming,” Stirling said at the