Frankie We Salute You Brings Plant Savvy Cuisine to Kelowna

Plant forward eatery opens in a less than green strip mall on Harvey

Spring has sprung and plants popped up all over, and not just in gardens and on menus, but in our local dining scene wholesale restaurants devoted to them are a-sprouting. Krafty Kitchen is about to open a plant forward sister restaurant right next door (Orchard Room), and just recently Kelowna’s Frankie We Salute You launched the anticipated new vegetarian and vegan eatery in the new food oriented complex carved out of the


Martin's Lane Winery – A Sensory Experience You Won't Soon Forget

Using the top tools, practices and knowledge to let the best fruit tell its story

Martin’s Lane Winery in Kelowna is certainly an ambitious endeavour. You may have heard many superlatives thrown around regarding the striking modern architecture, the unique approach to the production technology, the small lot/not-so-small price tag thing, and even the exclusive character of its customer model. But seriously, do not let this intimidate

Copper Brewing is opening a 110 seat capacity microbrewery on Kirschner Road, one of 5 new brewers to come. Photo: Cory Ransom. @coryransom
New Brews

Kelowna Hop City! These Are All the New Craft Breweries You'll Be Drinking at in 2019

Copper Brewing is opening on Kirschner Road, one of five new brewers to come

Just a couple of years ago, when only a few craft brewers were on the scene, Chris Stirling, the former GM of one of them, Tree Brewing, was interviewed by local media about the industry here. “If anybody says they could see where the craft beer industry is today they’re lying to you. It has changed so fast and so dramatically in the last two, three, five years, that I don’t think anybody saw this coming,” Stirling said at the

Bowl-ed over at Krafty's daily brunch service.

Krafty has Ktown's Best Brunch Every Damn Day

We're bowl-ed over at Krafty's daily brunch service

If you haven’t noticed there’s a great vibe downtown right now. Carefree crowds amble around cafes and boutiques, mild temps encourage chatty strolls, new shops tempt curious shoppers, and when it’s time to relax and replenish, Kelowna’s favourite bruncheteria, Krafty Kitchen is here for us.


The Shawarma Has Landed in Kelowna?

Unfortunately, Basha no longer makes shawarma on the regular

Update Feb 20/19: Unfortunately, Basha no longer makes shawarma on the regular. On our last visit, upon seeing an empty spit where the shawarma used to be, we asked if they still made shawarma and they said yes, and when I asked where it was they said it was already cut down off the spit, and when I ordered it, the cook took raw marinated chicken and fried it up on the grill. When I asked the cook if they still made shawarma they said only on really busy days like Friday and weekends. When I asked what they cooked up for us the cook said “a special chicken”. Confusing? Slightly. So call before and ask ahead if they have shawarma, but as far as having a go-to shawarma joint in town, I’d say it’s cancelled.

Kelowna’s fast casual food scene has some serious competition. Basha Donair, celebrated by locals in the greater Edmonton area has just expanded outside of Alberta for the first time and opened up shop in


What's the Tea? What's the Yum Cha? Kelowna Has a Legit Dim Sum Spot (and we JUST figured it out)

At Yamato, you'll find carts filled with freshly cooked dim sum zipping around inside – it's the real deal!

Okay it’s time to spill the tea. Well at least to those as culinarily-clued out as I was. No more Richmond-inspired trips to Vancouver, no more burning bamboo steamers on a gas stove, no more settling for frozen premade dumplings… that’s right, Kelowna has a legit weekend dim sum – old school carts and all! Unbeknownst to me, Yamato on Highway 97 has been serving up dim sum each


La Dolce Vita Comes to Downtown: the Wine Wizardry and Welcome Fun that is Ricco Bambino

While it's just like a wine bar, it is actually a winery – with a bar

Interestingly Kelowna does not have a wine bar. Penticton has the personable and rootsy Mile Zero wine bar, and pretty much every town in any wine country I’ve been to, no matter the size, has a local wine-centric haunt that showcases the range of their respective region’s bounty. But now Ricco Bambino has opened its doors downtown on Pandosy, and


Kelowna's Latest Brewery, Vice & Virtue is Smokin'! Food, Beer and Vibes

A cheerful, airy space that delivers the goods.

It’s no secret that the Kelowna craft brewery scene is intensifying in scope and creativity, however, what is new is the coming of age of its bar and bites scene. Long a town where coffee shops (gotta love ’em, but enough already) and bland chains dominate the top downtown real estate, new go-getters are now finding their own cool new areas to rival them (the industrial north end, or downtown’s quaint courtyards and back alleys*), creating drinks that far surpass them (expect perhaps the bananas beer selection at Craft), and now it’s safe to say, way better and


Downtown Kelowna’s Latest Resto Bar, Jack's Pizza & Liquor Gets the Balance Just Right

"Any place that plays both Dolly Parton and Depeche Mode in the time it takes me to down one is fine by me"

You could definitely say there are many places to grab a drink downtown, but are there really any great bar bars? Y’know that place with a solid bartender, a fresh and eclectic mix of tunes, friendly staff serving up a menu of select thoughtful snacks while still maintaining a premium on cocktails, to a crowd of carefree vacationers and grateful locals, all coming together in a


Just Opened: Sprout is Kelowna's Latest Gastro Go‑to

Peter van Boekhout is in town pulling yeast-free, organic, and delicious breads

Those of us who think that some of the finest things are often the simplest things, will be pleased to welcome Sprout to downtown Kelowna. You know those beautiful plump miches and chewy baguettes you have to drive around the valley to procure? Those glorious golden domes, sometimes bursting, artfully flour-dusted, or scored and patterned prettier than a hipster’s cortado? Well, just a bike ride away, we have the