Coalition of the Willies

The Scrap the Speculation Tax website's developers have quite the infamous client list

I would like to thank the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce for recently submitting a letter to their booster buds at Kelowna Now1  and bringing to my attention this website.

The letter begins:

“Today, a growing coalition of concerned British Columbians launched a campaign called Scrap the Speculation Tax demanding that Premier John Horgan and the provincial government reverse their decision to implement a Speculation Tax on BC and Canadian taxpayers.”

Media Bias

Is Kelowna Media Manufacturing Consent Against the Spec Tax?

Local media claims that Kelowna is against the new spec tax

As this week progressed, our local media continually updated us on the city’s position on the proposed new speculation tax. Heck even Vancouverites and the #bcpoli twitterverse were paying attention. Wow, I thought, is our quiet body politic, the one that just turned out pretty low numbers for a recent by-election finally getting woke?

All down my feeds, people are taking a stand, they demand to be heard, they’re outraged at unfairness, they’re taking an eye off the US clown show for a minute and are paying attention to issues in their

Spec Tax

The New BC Speculation Tax and the Foreign Buyers Tax

Measures to increase affordability

The BC government introduced measures to increase affordability in Kelowna and West Kelowna’s out-of-province-influenced housing market, and it is not sitting well with some folks. When the province voted out the Liberals in the recent election, you could say one large reason for it was the housing crises that they did little to stem. It is hard to miss the pained concern ringing out from the CMHC (Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation), and international urban affordability reports claiming that