Tourism Grift

Tourism Kelowna Wants to Become the City's Ticketmaster

They aim to provide redundant services and hurt their members in the process

With the new Tourism Kelowna location at city’s waterfront set to open in the summer, we’re getting word that the apparent not-for-profit society is moving forward with plans to sell tickets for activities around the region, both at the new centre and online, despite the fact that it would become a direct competitor to some of its own members who pay a $360 annual entry level fee to become a stakeholder, and

Community Planning

The New Tourism Centre Broke Ground – Why Do Some People Still Have a Problem With It?

The Visitor Centre will be taking advantage of some sweet real estate

Tourism Kelowna recently broke ground on their new location by Kerry Park, and the centre will open in early summer 2018 if everything goes as planned. We’re generally pleased with the direction of this initiative, but we’ve noticed that this topic rarely passes mention without the tag “controversial” applied to it. So we decided to explore the information that’s out there for the average citizen like us and see what the hubbub was about. We found that there have been some missteps, detractors and speculations along the path to