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Towards a Proper Understanding of Consent. The RCMP Protest is this Saturday

Triple the national average of rape charges dismissed as unfounded is a huge wake up call.

Why are almost 40% of reported sexual assault cases deemed unfounded in Kelowna? This alarming stat is eight times the amount of Vancouver’s and it’s triple the B.C. average.

Our public institutions have not reacted with the concern this demands. The Kelowna RCMP have responded with a preliminary review revealing nothing but to kick it down the road with an undetermined future review to be undertaken by RCMP themselves. Our mayor took a long time to


Extinction Rebellion Holds Global Climate Strike in Kelowna November 29, and You’re Invited

The group cites Kelowna's current climate plan as "woefully inadequate"

The Kelowna faction of Extinction Rebellion urges you to come out and join them this November 29th for a global climate strike and demand that Kelowna City Council declare a climate emergency, following earlier declarations made this year by Vancouver, Richmond, New Westminster, Port Moody, North Vancouver and West Vancouver, along with 450 other municipalities across Canada. “Kelowna City Council does not want to declare a climate emergency or appoint a citizens’ assembly, citing their current climate plan as a reason (hint: it’s woefully inadequate)”, writes the faction. “A good climate plan has