The Palace Of Manufacturers 4th Public Show Comes to the CoLab on St. Paul

Pop-up pop-art from Nvrlnd collective out of Calgary

The Palace of Manufactures, a pop-up urban art gallery featuring works inspired by animation, comic books, video games, cartoons, graffiti, hip hop, and 80s and 90s culture is holding their fourth public show in early November at the Okanagan CoLab on St. Paul. Their mandate: “we want to expose our community to the renaissance in art that we believe is taking place in the world at large.”

“We believe that the art we feature stands apart from spaces, transcending drywall, paint hues, and attached décor. It doesn’t match; it distinguishes, it conflicts. It says something to, and about, the person who collects it. It represents a connection between the soul of the artist and the soul of the collector. It is valuable.”

For this event they are collaborating with Nvrlnd collective out of Calgary. Nvrlnda is a non-profit, multi-disciplinary art collective that transformed an abandoned hotel in the Ramsay neighbourhood in Calgary, creating an open-minded, affordable, and safe art space for artists to gather, create, experiment, and share their work with the public. Five of their artists will be exhibiting their work including Tyler Wong (pictured), a designer that blends principles of minimalism and street-style into a hybrid line-style drawn freestyle to reflect “the idea of momentary energy”.

The pop up show takes place November 10th, from 12pm to 5pm at the Okanagan CoLab on St. Paul near Doyle Avenue.