Opionated But Factual

Who We Are

Here's a bit about where we're coming from. Since objectivity is a myth, the best you can ask for is knowing more about who's giving you your stories

Well we’re not writers by trade. We’re just a couple of residents who have high expectations for this growing city. Our trade involves lots of things around writing – graphic design, typography, web design, digital publishing, and copywriting – but this is our foray into producing content that we think is important (or at the very least hopefully entertaining). Not for the clicks, conversions, ROI, or whatever passes for digital monetization these days, but just because we care about it.

If you’ve been reading us for a while now, you’ll know we aren’t shy about our position on local print and online news media: it is run by barely obscured special interests, or prioritizes profit to such an extent that there’s next to no investment in real journalism. And where there is biased, bought, and bottom-line driven media, there is also a vacuum for corrupt, barely legal and norm-crossing political behaviour. These mutually reinforcing holes in both the media coverage, and political morality of the business leaders of Kelowna have prompted us to pipe into the public discussion and hopefully add a bit more context and connections to the issues of the day.

Hopefully we do it with enough reason, research and wit to keep you informed and coming back for more.

– Chantal Weill & Jason Stewart, Co-founders of Hello Kelowna

If you’re interested in writing for us or have a tip or story idea please see our Feedback page (the form can be anonymous), or email us at editor@hellokelowna.com.